Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Migraines Can Ruin Lives of All Ages

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  • Breathing Devices for Anxiety

    Anxiety, Panic & Migraines Do Not Discriminate - Adults & Children Suffer Alike

    Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Migraines are Real, Affecting People's Daily Lives.

    These disorders make all activities a real challenge. They do not discriminate and affects millions of people world-wide. Children also suffer from them and is such a burden on their little lives. You don't need permission to bring a Breathe 5 device to school or on a plane. It can be used anywhere, anytime.

    Just follow the 5 second rule:
    • Exhale with Breathe for 5 seconds
    • Hold breath for 5 seconds
    • Inhale with Breathe 5 for 5 seconds
    • Then repeat these steps 3 times

    Breathe 5 is classified as a low-risk wellness device and therefore we follow all the FDA guidelines for low-risk wellness devices.

  • Anxiety Treatment Device

    Medical Breakthrough

    Medical Research has Found What Causes Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Migraines & How to Relieve Them.

    More recently, it has become apparent that inhalations of carbon dioxide, applied in a different manner, are effective in overcoming maladaptive anxiety responses to specific stimuli, e.g., social stimuli. The substance is also proving to be a valuable resource in the treatment of the common variety of panic attacks.

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  • Anxiety Wearable Device West Virginia

    Migraine Headaches Attack with No Warning

    What Causes a Migraine?

    The unbalanced CO2 reduces the sensitivity of the central nervous system. By balancing the pH level in the body, CO2 reduces the intensity and frequency of signals sent by the pain receptors in the brain, which leads to a reduced migraine headache. It stops cortical spreading depression (csd) triggered by the unbalance of CO2 & oxygen causing migraine pain. CO2 reduces the release of cgrp to the brain which starts a migraine. Decreasing the cgrp will keep the migraine from ever forming. Breathe 5 rebalances the CO2 and oxygen in your body within seconds and your back to normal.

  • Anxiety Behind the Wheel

    Anxiety Wearable Device West Virginia

    Have you experienced driving in your car alone (or maybe your kids are in the backseat) and your thoughts turn into fear? Your heart starts to beat faster & faster, then your breathing turns into hyperventilating and then comes an anxiety or a panic attack. Your thoughts get worse with every second and you feel like you're about to explode. What should you do? Find a safe place to park. Pull out your compact Breathe 5 device and follow the instructions. Within minutes you're ready to get back on the road and drive safely to your destination.

  • Anxiety in Bed

    Best Devices for Anxiety West Virginia

    Have you ever laid in bed worrying?Have your thoughts brought out your anxiety or panic? Does it start with sweat, nausea, and rapid heartrate? Then you begin to hyperventilate and you're in a full-blown anxiety or panic attack? We understand many people depend on you to get through the day. If all you've ever done is pop a Xanax or Valuim and pray for sleep... we have an alternative, non habit-forming solution: Breathe 5. Within minutes of using Breathe 5, you should feel calm and relaxed, and either have a good night's sleep or an excellent start to your day.

  • Anxiety at Work

    Breathing Devices for Anxiety

    Does your work cause anxiety? Have you ever had a day where your gut told you not to go to work, but you had an important meeting or presentation. The more you thought about the presentation, the more you worried. Without warning, anxiety or a migraine hit like a freight train. What would you do? Tell your boss you're sick and can't give the presentation? Or, use the Breathe 5 device for a few minutes in the comfort of your office or car. Now, you're calm and ready for the big presentation! It can be that simple.

  • Anxiety in Children

    Anxiety Relief Devices West Virginia

    Does your child have anxiety? Imagine your child, crying, vomiting and begging for the anxiety or panic to go away. Nothing is helping and your last resort is a trip to the emergency room. Once you arrive you're told there is nothing they can do to help. So, imagine this scenario: Your child is feeling anxious. You pull out your child's Breathe 5 device and within minutes, your little one is ready for school, playground or sports. Breathe 5 was created for all anxiety and panic sufferers, including children. Your child can live a happy life with reduced anxiety, panic attacks and migraines! We encourage you to try Breathe 5 today!