• Larry Thomas: CEO & Head of Sales & Marketing

    I was heartbroken watching my wife and daughter suffer from severe anxiety & panic attacks. We desperately tried everything on the market from medicine, smell & sound devices, electromagnetic pulses, to electrodes that send electrical waves to the brain. We had zero success. Frustrated, we spent months researching and consulting with experts in the anxiety and panic field to find relief. We are proud to announce the Breathe 5, an innovative device that provides relief from anxiety, panic attacks and migraines. The best part? It really works.

    My promise to you: If you purchase Breathe 5 for only $19.95 and for any reason it does not work for you in 30 days, please return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

  • Jeannie Gipson: Co-Founder, President & Head of Operations

    My world changed when I had my first panic attack driving at 18 years old. It hit me so hard that I pulled over to call my parents for help. It was so crippling that I couldn't even drive myself home. Before the panic attack hit, my life was great and I was happy. After I got home, I couldn't leave the house. Anxiety & panic attacks were now a part of my life.

    After 9 long months, I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house). I was given anxiety medication to cope, which worked but only to a certain degree. The anxiety was always there, but I was dealing with it.

    December 2020 - My husband rushed me to the hospital for a major Panic attack. I was given Ativan, a traquilizing drug. I recovered in minutes and went home. Two days later I suffered another panic attack. This one hit me like a raging bull. My dad took me to the ER and they refused to give me Ativan. I literally thought I was going to die. The nurse instead gave me a paper bag- a primative age-old device, to use.

    My first response was, “Are you kidding me? I’m dying here and you want me to use this thing?" She said, "What do you have to lose?" So I did it. It worked. I went from a full blown panic attack to calm within minutes.

    That was the day we started our research. A year later, we invented and patented the first device that really works. Not only did Breathe 5 stop my daily anxiety, but my panic attacks are gone. Plus, I had no panic attacks during my pregnancy and have had no postpartum depression. Breathe 5 has allowed me to enjoy my family & newborn baby. Please try this, it really works.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Borkoski, MD: Breathe 5 Research & Development

    Dr. Jeffrey Borkoski, MD is a Neurology Specialist in Newberry, FL and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Borkoski has more experience with headaches than other specialist in his area. He graduated from St. George's University Of Medicine medical school in 1998. 

    Dr. Borkoski is now a professor at UF in the Neurology Department, in addition to his many other accomplishments.



    • University Of South Florida-Neurology, Residency Hospital — 2004

    • University of South Florida - Internal Medicine, Internship Hospital — 2001 

    • Medical College of Georgia-Pathology, Other Education — 2000 

    • St. George's University Of Medicine, Medical School — 1998

    • University of Delaware, Undergraduate School — 1988

  • Brittnay Shane Thomas: RN, Children's Anxiety Division for Breathe 5

    Nurse Brittnay Thomas is a traveling nurse helping distressed child birth facilities in Georgia. Her love and desire to help people is her passion. She spent 3 years as a specialist at a government facility managing the care of troubled and stressed teens dealing with high levels of anxiety. She was also part of the Labor & Delivery Team at the South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosda for 3 years.

    She graduated from Keiser University at the top of her class and a true credit to her field. "I use Breathe 5, and I also give a device to my patients to use when they start having anxiety" says Brittany.


    • Keiser University- Received a Medical & Surgical Academic Award

    • Received the Florence Nightingale Award, the highest national distinction a nurse can achieve

    • Employee of the Year with the Right Of Passage For Troubled Youths