My Daughter Jeannie Called And Said She Was Having A Severe Panic Attack And Felt Like She’s Going To Die, Can You Please Drive Me To The ER. I Found Her Screaming And Crying In Her Bed, I Must Tell You It Is Very Scary To See Someone In That Condition. So I Rushed Her To The Hospital. The Doctor Offered Her Ativan, But Because She Was Pregnant She Refused The Medication. So They Put Her In A Room And Told Her It Will Soon Pass, But It Didn’t, It Got Worse And I Was At My End.

After Many Trips To The Nurses Station Freaking Out Of Course, The Deputy On Duty Told Me, One More Outburst, He Will Escort Me Out. The Head Nurse Saw The Fear In My Eyes For My Daughter, She Told Me To Meet Her Back In My Daughters Room. As I’m Standing Next To Jeannie The Nurse Came In And Handed Her A Paper Bag And Said For Her To Breathe Into The Bag For 5 Seconds, Hold It For 5 Seconds Then Exhale For 5 Seconds And Repeat 5 Times. I Looked At The Nurse Like She Was Crazy, I Knew The Only Cure Were Strong Drugs. So My Daughter Followed The Nurses Instructions And I’m Here To Tell You That’s When I Saw A Miracle Happen.

My Daughter Sat Up In Her Bed And Said Daddy I’m Better Can We Please Go Home Now. I Looked Up At The Nurse And Asked, “What The Heck Just Happened”. She Replied, I See This All The Time, So We Keep Paper Bags Handy. She Explained When A Person Is Experiencing An Anxiety Or Panic Attack They Unknowingly Start Hyperventilating Which Depletes The Co2 From There Body, Which Alters The PH In The Blood,  And Puts You Into Fight Or Flight Mode, You Think You Are Going To Die With A Pounding Heart And Paralyzing Muscles Aka Rigamortis.

She Said,for The Victim To Return Back To Normal, Just Simply Replace The Co2 And Wala Your Better. Then It Hit Me, The Paper Bag Has Always Been The Symbol Of Relieving Anxiety And Panic. You See It In Movies, You See Them In The Back Seat Of All Passenger Jets, Even Dentist, Doctors And Pre-ops Offices Use Them For Anxious Patients. After Thanking Our Nurse We Went Home.

After Watching What My Daughter Went Through And My Wife Also Dealing With Years Of Anxiety I Had To Get This Miracle Out For Everyone. So My Daughter And I Started Our Research. After 2 Years of Research And Development, We Found Millions Of People Who Are Also Suffering From Anxiety And  Panic Attacks Are Trying Many Different Devices That Just Don’t Work Or Taking Lots Of Harmful Addictive Drugs. Some Companies Try To Sell You A Device For $200 That Smelling A Certain Aroma It Will Calm You, If I Have Learned One Thing That Is During Anxiety Or Panic Your Senses Become Very Sensitive And Smells And Noise Can Even Make You Worst. Others Want To Sell You A Device For $400 To $900 That Sends Magnetic Waves Or Electrical Impulses To Your Head, Again I Say The Worst Thing I’ve Learned Through My Research, Is Your Brain Is Sending Fear Messages Everywhere And Keeping It Calm Is The Best, Not Jacked Up. Even Though The Paper Bag Has Been Time Tested For Over 100 Years, Doctors Discourage Using Them, Because Breathing In 100% Co2 Is Harmful Causing, Dizziness And Fainting. Smell And Sound Are Two Things That Become Very Sensitive To A Person Suffering And The Last Thing A Person Wants Is A Brown Paper Bag Smell Or The Terrible Noise Of The Bag Inflating In And Out. For Example If You Start A Panic Attack In Walmart, Its Embarrassing To Stand There Breathing Into A Paper Bag, So We Invented and Patented Breathe5, A Device Which Has A Mixture Valve On The Regulator, The Only Safe Way To Deliver The Perfect Mixture Of Co2 And Oxygen To The Body. Its Quiet, No Smell, Hands Free, Uses A Comfortable Mouth Piece And Reusable And Unlike Strong Medication (Like Ativan And Xanax) That Can Take 5 To 10 Minutes To Take Full Effect, Breathe 5 Works Within 60 Seconds.