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Breathe 5 Device

Barbie Calming Kit

Barbie Calming Kit

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Barbie Kit Includes:

-Kids Cellular Bluetooth Smart Watch and 4G Sim Card- (Very comfortable and light, made to fit a child's wrist) Watch will have its own phone number, connect to an app on the parents phone for full control of kids watch, does what no other watch will. Features include; calls, video calls, texts, remote picture taking (parents can always see child's surrounds through a picture in real time), camera, GPS Tracking, Geo Fence (parents set boundaries on the watch and if the child gets outside that boundary, an alarm will go off on the parents phone, continue to track them and show you in real time where the child is. HUMAN TRAFFICKING  AND CHILD ABDUCTION IS ON THE RISE AND EVERY CHILD DESERVES THE RIGHT TO BE SAFE AND PROTECTED, SOS button on kids watch, that when pressed, watch automatically calls the emergency contact list. And MOST IMPORTANT, on the app on parents phone, with the touch of a button the parent/ guardian, can privately hear (without anyone knowing and in real time) what is happening around your child. You will have proof if your child is being bullied and hear exactly what is causing the anxiety at school. If there is a crisis at school, an amusement park or a friends house, parents are always the last to know. Leaving parents having to wait hours to know if there child is ok. Well not anymore, now you will be the first to know. 

-Bluetooth Wireless Earpods-Finally earpods made to comfortably fit a child's ear, allows children to privately listen anywhere to our custom calming meditation session made just for kids. (Kids can listen in a "calming corner" in school).

-Bluetooth Mini Speaker- Child can listen out loud to the calming meditation session. We have teachers who use this high quality mini speaker for the whole class to listen to at the beginning of each day.

-25 Inspirational Stickers- Place them anywhere to remind child how important they are.

-Mini Journal and Pen- Experts say the best way to express your feelings and emotions is to write them down and track them to help process everything.

-Fidgets- help calm nerves and serves as a distraction in overstimulating situations.

-Mini Flashlight- to let kids feel secure in the dark.

-Gemstone Essential Oil Rollerball (Barbie Kit Only)-filled with 100% Pure French Lavender, ( Essential Oils have been proven to have a therapeutic effect on the nervous system and the limbic system in the brain, which is responsible for the calm and happy feelings).

-Patented Controlled Breathing Device- Relieves anxiety, stress in moments. Not only does our breathing device put you in a controlled breathing pattern, it also replaces your Co2 depleted during hyperventilation, which returns you back to normal. Just watch Dr. Jeffs video on our home page to really understand how this device works.

( Car not Included)

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