You Are NOT Alone, You Are Among The 1 Billion People Who Suffer

Anxiety & Stress is the Number 1 Issue in the World Right Now For Many Reasons

  • Best Devices for Anxiety West Virginia

    Anxiety In Bed

    Have you ever laid in bed worrying? Have your thoughts brought out your anxiety or panic? Does it start with sweat, nausea, and rapid heart rate? Then you begin to hyperventilate and you're in a full-blown anxiety or panic attack. We understand many people depend on you to get through the day. If all you've ever done is pop a Xanax or Valuim and pray for sleep... we have an alternative, non habit-forming solution: Breathe 5 Calming Kits. Especially the handheld sleep aid device. Helps you fall asleep in half the time. Within minutes of using, you should feel calm and relaxed, and either have a good night's sleep or an excellent start to your day.
  • Breathing Devices for Anxiety

    Anxiety At Work

    Does your work cause anxiety? Have you ever had a day where your gut told you not to go to work, but you have an unsympathetic boss and no sick days. The more you think about the busy day ahead of you, the more you worry. Without warning, anxiety or a migraine hits you like a freight train. What would you do? Tell your boss your boss you cant come in at all? Or, use the Breathe 5 Calming Kit for a few minutes in the comfort of your office or car. Now, you're calm and ready for the busy day ahead of you! It can be that simple.
  • Anxiety Wearable Device West Virginia

    Anxiety In The Car

    Have you experienced driving in your car alone (or maybe your kids are in the backseat) and your thoughts turn into fear? Your heart starts to beat faster & faster, then your breathing turns into hyperventilating and then comes an anxiety or a panic attack. Your thoughts get worse with every second and you feel like you're about to explode. What should you do? Find a safe place to park. Pull out your Breathe 5 Calming Kit. Within minutes you're ready to get back on the road and drive safely to your destination.
  • Anxiety In Children

    Does your child have anxiety? Imagine your child, crying, vomiting and begging for the anxiety or panic to go away. Nothing is helping and your last resort is a trip to the emergency room. Once you arrive you're told there is nothing they can do to help. So, imagine this scenario: Your child is feeling anxious. You pull out your child's Breathe 5 Anxiety Kit and within minutes, your little one is ready for school, playground or sports. Breathe 5 Calming Kits were created for all anxiety and panic sufferers, including children. Your child can live a happy life with reduced anxiety, panic attacks and migraine
  • Anxiety In School

    Does your child fight you to get up every morning for school, cry the entire car ride or bus ride, and then call you throughout the day to come and pick them up? School anxiety is becoming more and more common. Since Covid the anxiety has tripled and grades have dropped drastically. School does not always feel like a safe place anymore. Kids spend about 7 hours a day there and they should feel happy and not miserable. Our Breathe 5 Calming Kits will do just that. They are approved for school and small enough to fit in their backpack and desk. In fact we have many schools and teachers who have a "calming corner" set up in their class room with a few of our kits sitting there ready for their students.
  • Screen Time Anxiety

    It doesn’t matter if your child is spending excessive time on their cell phone or gaming, it has been proven to much screen time can cause stress, depression, anxiety, explosive behavior, mental fatigue, school problems and neck or back trouble. Which has tripled over the last three years. Its time children get a DIGITAL DETOX. The Breathe 5 Calming Kit will take your kids away from their screen time for a little while each day. You probably have already tried just taking their cell phone and you know it doesn’t work. You need something fun to replace it.

    -Racing Heart

    -Rapid Breathing

    -Dizziness/ Fatigue

    -Feeling of Doom / Irritability

    -Tingling of Extremities

    -Increased Sweating

    -Muscle Tension

    -Nausea/Loss of Appetite