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We Are So Much More Than Just a Cool Kit

  • Adult Calming Kit Includes:

    *Bluetooth Smart Watch

    *Pulse Oximeter

    *Bluetooth Wireless Earpods

    *Bluetooth Mini Speaker

    *EMS Microcurrent Handheld Sleep Aid Device

    *Mini Personal Essential Oil Diffuser

    *Gemstone Essential Oil Rollerballs & Mini Essential Oil Bottles prefilled with 100% pure French Lavender Essential Oil and French Vanilla Essential Oil

    *Lava Stone and Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

    *Mini Journal and Pen

    *Fidget Cube

    *Patented Controlled Breathing Device

  • Kids Calming Kit Includes:

    *Kids Cellular Bluetooth Smart Watch and 4G Sim Card (light and comfortable, made to fit a childs wrist)

    *Bluetooth Wireless Earpods (made to fit a childs ear)

    *Bluetooth Mini Speaker

    *25 Inspirational Stickers

    *Mini Journal and Pen


    *Mini Flashlight

    *Patented Controlled Breathing Device

    *Gemstone Essential Oil Rollerball (Barbie Kit Only)-filled with 100% Pure French Lavender

How We Work & Why We Are Different

We are proud to announce our new customized anxiety and panic Breathe 5 Calming kits for adults and kids. We know anxiety comes in all forms with many different triggers and the remedy is not a one size fits all. So after one year of research we found out all other companies sell just one device to help with anxiety, we then did another year trying every device and treatment on the market and that got expensive. We knew we had to change something to help others. So we created a personalized anxiety and panic calming kit with every device you could need to attack every trigger of anxiety for all ages for just one price. Our kit also comes with a very popular patented custom made breathing device to stop anxiety and panic attacks in seconds. It replaces your co2 lost during hyperventilation which is what causes most anxiety symptoms. One other thing, worried about your child's screen time? Science has proved just 2 hours of screen time a day can increase a child's risk of developing or worsening anxiety by 50%. Our kids kit is a great way to get your kids off the screens. Try with confidence for 30 days risk free, love it or your money back.

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