Relieve Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Migraine Headaches Now

Your anxiety or panic has started, you may become frightened, sweaty, and dizzy. Your heart starts pounding & you have trouble breathing. This alters the pH in your body and now you're in trouble.

Our innovative Breathe 5 device returns you to normal, happy & calm. You can also use Breathe 5 at bedtime to get a good night's sleep, naturally.

Breathe 5 has been found to be the best non-pharmaceutical anxiety, panic attack & migraine headache relief on the market.

It is so compact, it fits in the palm of your hand, ready to use anywhere at anytime.

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Voted #1 Best & Fastest Relief Than Any Other Device Used by Our Customers.

Made from Non-Toxic, Medical-Grade Materials. BPA, PVC and DEHP-Free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Very helpful device for getting anxiety under control

Controlled breathing is a very effective way of getting myself back in control when I am battling with anxiety. This device comes in a neat and convenient package with good instructions that is easy for me to use when I get stuck in an anxious state. I highly recommend this for anyone that struggles to get their anxiety under control.

Seth S.
Works better than meds!

I had the Breathe 5 for a couple weeks now, and it just hands down works. I use it for migraines that I get chronically, and since using daily I have not had to take any of my meds.

A. A.
Great product

This product has helped me much! Migraines are nonexistent now that I have the Breathe5. I will recommend one to everyone I know!

Charlie B.
Works Well

My wife gets really bad migraine headaches. She tried the Breathe5 product and she said it worked. She felt her headache coming on so she followed the instructions and tried the product. She said it works, it helped take away her headache.


Love this product. Definitely helps a lot for my panic attacks. Will be purchasing more soon.