Anxiety & Panic

What Causes Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety, panic attacks & migraines are real, affecting people's daily lives.
It makes all activities a real challenge. They do not discriminate, affecting millions of people world wide. Children also suffer from them and such a burden on their little lives.
You begin to worry, the rapid uncontrolled breathing known as hyperventalating begins. When this happens, it quickly causes the concentration of oxygen and co2 in the blood to get out of balance. Hyperventalating causes a surplus of oxygen and a deficit of carbon dioxide known as co2.

Our blood has an optimal ph, which is maintained by a specific ratio of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide. When you hyperventalate, that ratio is distrubed. Too much oxygen causes the ph in your blood to rise become to alkaline. Symptoms include anxiety & panic attacks, dizziness, drymouth chest pains, tremors and rapid heart rate. Once you balance the ratio of co2 and oxygen the hyperventilating stops and symptoms' return to normal. You don't need permission to bring breathe 5 to school or on a plane, use anywhere, anytime.

Just follow the 5 second rule:
• Exhale with "breathe 5" for 5 seconds
• Hold breath for 5 seconds
• Inhale with "breathe 5" for 5seconds
• Then repeat 3 times

And your done, now go enjoy your day. "Breathe 5" is classified as a low risk wellness device and therefore we follow the FDA guideline for low risk wellness devices.

  • Anxiety In Children

    Your child is crying and vomiting and begging for mercy, make it go away. It gets worse and your last resort is 911 and a trip to the emergency room. Once you arrive there is nothing they can do. Ok back this story up, your child is crying, pull out your childs “breathe 5” follow instructions and walaw your little one is ready for school or what ever is planned for the day. Please don't make them suffer any longer. For only $29.95 your child can live a happy, anxiety, panic or migraine free life, at least give it a try.

  • Screen Time Anxiety

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  • Anxiety Wearable Device West Virginia

    Anxiety in the Car

    Driving in your car alone or maybe theres kids in the back seat, your thoughts turn into fear, your heart starts to beat faster & faster, then your breathing turns into hyperventilating and omg here it comes anxiety or a panic attack. Your thoughts get worst with every second and your about to explode, you can’t pop a pill, you should of stayed home. No worries, find a safe place and pull over. Pull out your compact "breathe 5" follow instructions and within seconds you ready to get back on the road to finish your day.

  • Breathing Devices for Anxiety

    Anxiety at Work

    Your better judgement told you don’t go to work today you have an important meeting or presentation, people are depending on you. The more you think about it the more you worry and with no warning, it hits like a freight train, anxiety or a migraine. Option one, tell your boss you are sick and can’t continue and go home. Or excuse yourself, go to the restroom stall, pull out your “breathe 5”, follow the instructions and now go give the best presentation of your life. It’s that simple.

  • Best Devices for Anxiety West Virginia

    Anxiety in Bed

    Your laying in bed worrying, first come the sweats, topped with a little nausea, your heart starts racing with rapid hyperventalating and before your feet even hit the ground, your full busy day now became your worst nightmare. The kids, your boss, who ever is depending on you will soon find out your out of commission, anxiety now owns the day. All you can do is pop a xanax or valuim and pray for sleep. Or pull out your "breathe 5", follow the simple instructions and within seconds, its time to get up and have a good day.

  • Anxiety From PTSD

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If You Have Anxiety Your Not Alone!

We are here to help.