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Breathe 5 Device

Adult Cream Kit

Adult Cream Kit

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Cream Kit


-Bluetooth Smart Watch- Monitors Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, Sleep Monitoring, connects to FitPro App to record everything. Comes with 12 different sports modes tracks steps and has health monitor, Bluetooth calls and messages, and more.

-Pulse Oximeter- Another way to measure Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen level for peace of mind during anxiety, panic or stress.

-Bluetooth Wireless Earpods and Bluetooth Mini Speaker- To listen to our private and custom hypnotic meditation session.

-EMS Microcurrent Handheld Sleep Aid Device- Helps to fall asleep in half the time, many people have severe anxiety at night and have trouble falling asleep.

-Mini Personal Essential Oil Diffuser with 2 Prefilled Mini Bottles and 2 Prefilled Gemstone Essential Oil Rollerballs- All are filled with 100% pure French Lavender and French Vanilla Essential oil ( Essential Oils have been proven to have a therapeutic effect on the nervous system and the limbic system in the brain, which is responsible for the calm and happy feelings).

-Lava Stone and Gemstone Chakra Bracelet- Helps with balancing your energy and can assist in calming you during meditation/yoga (essential oils can also be put on the lava stone for extra effect).

-Mini Journal and Pen- Experts say the best way to express your feelings and emotions is to write them down and track them to help process everything.

-Fidget Cube- Help calm nerves and serves as a distraction in overstimulating situations.

-Patented Controlled Breathing Device- Relieves anxiety, stress in moments. Not only does our breathing device put you in a controlled breathing pattern, it also replaces your Co2 depleted during hyperventilation, which returns you back to normal. Just watch Dr. Jeffs video on our home page to really understand how this device works.

( Flowers not Included)

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